SRAR (Self-Reported Academic Record) is an additional opportunity for applicants to submit their own high school transcript and standardized test scores for admissions evaluation. This self-reporting online system allows applicants to avoid additional barriers or extra costs associated with adding these required materials to their application.

Through LSU’s SRAR system, applicants enter their own high school grades and ACT or SAT scores directly into their SRAR profile. After clicking submit within the SRAR profile, this data is automatically imported into the applicant’s LSU Admissions Portal and used by the Admissions Committee during evaluation. Information submitted through SRAR is used for admission and scholarship review.

SRAR is separate from the Common Application, and can be completed before or after submitting the Common Application. Students electing to use SRAR should not report Courses or Grades in the Common Application.

*If a student enrolls at LSU, all grades and test scores will need to be verified by a valid final transcript and official score report. Admissions decisions or scholarship may be changed if the self-reported information is incorrect.


Applicants must report grades exactly as they appear on the high school transcript. We strongly recommend having a copy of the transcript available when entering grades into SRAR.

Please adhere to the following when entering coursework in SRAR:

  • Enter your grades exactly as they appear on your high school transcript or your score report.
  • Enter your final grades for all courses completed in grades 9 through 11.
  • If you are a high school senior, choose “In-Progress” for scheduled or in-progress 12th grade courses for which you do not yet have grades. If you have already completed a 12th grade course and received a grade, please indicate the grade that you received.
  • Do not apply weight to your grades
  • Do not convert your grades into another format.
  • Do not average your grades.
  • If your exact course name is not listed in SRAR, please type it in exactly as it appears on your transcript.

There are several ways applicants can submit their ACT or SAT scores for admission consideration:

  • Self-report scores using the SRAR (Self-Reported Academic Record)
  • Enter LSU’s code when registering for ACT or SAT as an institution that automatically receives scores.
  • Email an official score report or a screenshot of your ACT or SAT online portal to your LSU Admissions Counselor or The student’s full name, test date, and all scores from that test date must be visible.

The applicant’s LSU Admissions Portal checklist will be updated when scores are received.