Eurico D'Sa headshotEurico J. D'Sa

Position: Professor, Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences

Phone: 225-578-0212

Fax: 225-578-2520


Office: 306 Howe-Russell Geosciences Building

Bachelor's Degree(s): B.E. University of Bombay, 1981

Master's Degrees(s): M.S. Indian Institute of Science, 1990

Ph.D.(s): Ph.D. University of Southern Mississippi, 1996

Research Interests

Ocean color remote sensing, bio-optical properties of coastal and ocean waters, physical-biogeochemical interactions; coastal biogeochemical processes

Classes Taught

OCS 1005 (4) Introduction to Oceanography (every Fall)

ENVS 4145 Remote Sensing for Environmental Scientists (every Fall)

OCS 7175 Environmental Optics (every other Spring)

Recent Publications

Google Scholar Profile

D’Sa, E.J., Tzortziou, M., Liu, B., (2023). Extreme events and impacts on organic carbon cycles from ocean color remote sensing: Review with case study, challenges, and future directions. Earth-Science Reviews, 243, 104503.

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