Cheryl HarrisonCheryl S. Harrison

Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences (joint with Center for Computation and Technology)

Phone: 225-578-6425


Office: 3177 Energy, Coast and Environment Building 

Associate Degree: Physics, Honors, Cabrillo College, 1993

Bachelor’s Degree: Mathematics, Honors, University of California Santa Cruz, 1997

Master’s Degree: Earth and Planetary Science, University of California Santa Cruz, 2007

PhD: Earth and Planetary Science, University of California Santa Cruz, 2012

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Research Interests

Physical, biogeochemical and ocean ecosystem modeling, applied mathematics, marine ecology, fisheries, climate impacts on marine ecosystems and fisheries, physical and biological transport, ecological dispersal, mesoscale biophysical interactions, and geoengineering.

Fellowships and Research Consortiums

MOPGA Research Fellow

Earth system model coordinator for the Fisheries Model Intercomparison Project (FishMIP)

Climate Intervention Biology Working Group

NCAR Community Climate Intervention Strategies

Classes Taught

OCS 4001: Managing for a Changing Climate

OCS 7001: Introduction to Graduate Studies in Ocean and Coastal Science

Recent Publications

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* co-lead authors

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