Charles Lindau headshotCharles W. Lindau

Position: Professor, Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences

Phone: 225-578-8766

Fax: 225-578-6423


Office: 3231 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Bachelor's Degree(s): B.S. Kearney State College, 1969

Master's Degrees(s): M.S. Texas A&M University, 1974

Ph.D.(s): Ph.D. Texas A&M University, 1980


Research Interests:

Nitrogen transformations in flooded soils and sediments, stable isotopes, greenhouse gases, oil spill remediation, point and non-point pollution

Classes Taught:

OCS 1005. Introduction to Oceanography
OCS 4165. Environmental Chemistry of Wetlands

Awards & Honors:


2005-2008 USGS – Pilot studies of water quality restoration in Atchafalaya river basin via denitrification, sedimentation, and biomass accumulation (PI C.W. Lindau, Co-PIs R.D. DeLaune, J.A. Nyman, and R. Keim).

2004-2007 Governor’s Office of Coastal Activity – Denitrification potential of Atchafalaya river basin sediment (PI C.W. Lindau; Co-PI J.A. Nyman).

2003-2008 Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality – Soybean BMP demonstration project and educational program, Phase 2 (PI C.W. Lindau; Co-PIs J. Bond and P.K. Bollich).

Selected Publications:

Lindau, C.W., R.D. DeLaune, A.E. Scaroni, and J.A. Nyman. 2008. Denitrification in cypress swamp within the Atchafalaya River basin, Louisiana. Chemosphere 70:886-894.

Kongchum, M., P.K. Pollich, W.H. Hudnall, R.D. DeLaune, and C.W. Lindau. 2006. Decreasing methane emission of rice bybetter crop management. Agronomy for Sustainable Development 26(1):45-46.

Lui, B., R.P. Romaire, R.D. DeLaune, and C.W. Lindau. 2005. Field investigation on the toxicity of Alaska North Slope crude oil (ANSC) and dispersed ANSC crude to Gulf killfish, Eastern oyster and white shrimp. Chemosphere 62:520-526.

Marinho, E.V., R.D. DeLaune, and C.W. Lindau. 2004. Nitrous oxide flux from soybeans grown on Mississippi alluvid soil. Comm. in Soil Sci. Plant Analysis 35:1-8.

Lindau, C.W., R.D. DeLaune, and A. Jugsujinda. 2003. Marsh sensitivity to burning of applied crude oil. Spill Sci. & Tech. Bull. 8:401-404.

Lindau, C.W., R.D. DeLaune, and I. Devai. 2003. Rate of turnover and attenuation of crude oil added to a Louisiana Spartina lancifolia freshwater marsh soil. Spill Sci. & Tech. Bull. 8:445-449.

DeLaune, R.D., S.R. Pezeshki, A. Jugsujinda, and C.W. Lindau. 2003. Sensitivity of U.S. Gulf of Mexico coastal marsh vegetation to crude oil. Aquatic Ecology 37:351-360.