Brian Snyder headshotBrian Snyder

Position: Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences

Phone: 225-578-4559


Office: 1109 EC&E

Bachelor's Degree(s): BS University of Maryland, 2002

Ph.D.(s): PhD University of Georgia, 2013

Research Interests

Energy, Climate Policy, Carbon dioxide removal, Socio-ecology

Classes Taught

ENVS 1010: Introduction to Coastal Environmental Science

ENVS 1126: Introduction to Environmental Sciences

ENVS 4261: Energy and the Environment

Recent Publications (2017-2022)

Academic Books

Dismukes, D.E., D’Elia, C.F., Snyder, B.F. 2022. Energy and the Environment: The Grand Challenges of the 21st Century, KendallHunt. Dubuque, Iowa. 

Refereed Articles

Agerton, M., Narra, S. Snyder, B.F., Upton, G.B. 2023. Financial Liabilities and Environmental Implications of Unplugged Wells for Gulf of Mexico and Coastal Waters. Nature Energy. Accepted.

Snyder, B.F. 2022. Biomass Slurry Fracture Injection as a Low-Cost Carbon Negative Technology. Environmental Research Letters, 17 024013. 

Vieira, M.A., Reis, L.F.G., Hernriques, E., Snyder, B.F. 2022. Insights on the impact of structural health monitoring systems on the operation and maintenance of offshore wind support structures. Structural Safety 94, 102154. 

Tarufelli, B. L. Snyder, B.F. Dismukes, D. E. 2021. The Potential Impact of the U.S. Carbon Capture and Storage Tax Credit Expansion on the Economic Feasibility of Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage. Energy Policy 149: 112064. 

Snyder, B.F. 2020. A Renewably Powered Developing World Requires Meeting Interconnected Cost and Land Use Challenges. One Earth 3(6): 677-679 

Snyder, B. F. Parks, V. 2020. Spatial Variation in Socio-ecological Vulnerability to Covid-19 in the Contiguous United States. Health and Place 66: 102471 

Snyder, B.F., Ruyle, L.E. 2020. A Just Compensation for Leaving it in the Ground: Climate Easements and Oil Development. Environmental Science and Policy. 112:181-188. 

Snyder, B.F. 2020. Genetic and Techno-Cultural Evolution of Carrying Capacity in Humans. Sustainability Science 15(4), 1087-1099 

Snyder, B.F., Layne, M., Dismukes, D.E. 2020. A cash flow model of an integrated industrial CCS-EOR project in a petrochemical corridor: A case study in Louisiana. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 93: 102885. 

Snyder B.F. 2020. Climate Justice and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa. South Central Review 37(2-3): 58-70

Snyder, B.F.  2019. Beyond the Social Cost of Carbon: Negative Emission Technologies as a Means of Setting the Price of Carbon. Ambio 49, 1567-1580. 

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Dismukes, D.E., Layne, M., Snyder, B.F. 2018. Understanding the challenges of industrial carbon capture and storage: an example in a U.S. petrochemical corridor.  International Journal of Sustainable Energy 38 (1): 13-23 

Snyder, B.F. 2018. The decarbonization of energy economies: Planning to avoid decay.  Energy Research and Social Science 42:34-43. 

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Upton, G. and Snyder, B.F. 2017. Funding Renewable Energy: An Analysis of Renewable Portfolio Standards. Energy Economics 66: 205-216