Master of Science in Coastal & Ecological Engineering

The College of the Coast & Environment and the Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering Departments of the College of Engineering have teamed up to offer the MS in Coastal & Ecological Engineering. This degree combines CE, EVEG, and OCS courses to offer a thesis-option degree path meant to enhance both civil engineering work in marine and coastal environments and to support the use and restoration of coastal lands, waterways, and resources with an environmental-impact-conscious mindset.

All students interested in this program are encouraged to check the Master’s in Coastal and Ecological Engineering Program Checklist.

Students interested in applying to this program should apply to the MS in Coastal and Ecological Engineering (SCECO) program. Begin your application by visiting: 


Course Work

12 credit hours of core courses

12 credit hours of committee-approved electives (see list below of suggested courses)

Plus 1 credit hour of graduate seminar CE 7750

Plus Thesis: 6 credit hours of thesis (CE 8000) are required to graduate in addition to the coursework requirements list above.

Program Total : 31 credit hours

Core Courses
  • CE 4320 Coastal Engineering (3 hrs)
  • EVEG 4xxx Ecological Engineering (cross listed and co-taught with Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences faculty) (3 hrs)
  • MATH 4038 Mathematical Methods for Engineers (*only offered during fall semester) (3 hrs)
  • CE 7xxx Coastal and Ecological Engineering Design (3 hrs) 
Elective Courses

Below is a list of suggested courses that can be taken as electives. To meet the program requirements, 4 elective courses must be taken in addition to the required core courses. At least 1 elective must be taken from the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences (OCS). 

Ecological Engineering Electives
  • EVEG 4159 Design of Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
  • CE 4200 Hydrology
  • CE 7180 Water Quality Simulations
  • OCS 4308 Plants in Coastal Environments
  • OCS 4372 Estuarine Ecology 
  • OCS 4128 Wetland Hydrology and Hydrodynamics
  • OCS 4410 Ecosystem Modeling and Analysis
  • OCS 4465 Coastal Zone Management
  • OCS 4560 Wetland Loss, Restoration and Management
  • OCS 7001 Coastal Systems Ecology
  • OCS 7010 Concepts of the Ecosystem
  • OCS 7124 Applied Coastal Plant Ecology
  • OCS 7165 Biogeochemistry of Wetland Soils and Sediments
Coastal Engineering Electives
  • CE 4445 Hurricane Engineering
  • CE 7xxx Coastal Hydromechanics
  • CE 7xxx Sediment Transport Mechanics
  • CE 7200 Tides and Surges
  • CE 7260 Advanced Hydrology
  • CE 7325 Marine Geotechnics
  • OCS 4024 Coastal Morphodynamics
  • OCS 4164 Deltaic Processes and Products
  • OCS 4170 Physical Oceanography
  • OCS 4210 Geological Oceanography
  • OCS 7122 Gravity Waves in Shallow Water
  • OCS 7123 Oceanographic Data Analysis