LSU CES Conferences


Conferences and Symposia

Energy Summitâ„¢

2019: Challenging Traditional Paradigms
2018: Louisiana's Place in the Global Energy Economy
2017: Operating in a New Energy World
2016: Managing through Energy Challenges
2015: Disruptive and Game-Changing Energy Trends: Implications for Louisiana
2014: The Future of Louisiana Energy
2011: Unconventional Louisiana: Shales, Sands, and other Opportunities
2010: Deep Exploration and the Future of the Gulf of Mexico
2009: Energy Market Challenges and Opportunities and introducing Supply Chain Management Symposium
2008: Energy Independence: Myth or Reality?
2007: Charting a Course through an Uncertain Energy Environment
2006: Developing & Supporting Critical Energy Infrastructure
2005: Louisiana's Integration with Global Energy Markets
2004: Securing Louisiana's Economic Growth in a Volatile Energy Environment


2024: U.S. Association for Energy Economics Annual North American Meeting
2023: Gulf Coast Energy Outlook 2024 Kickoff Webinar
2023: Energy Transition Research Symposium
2023: Recent Issues Associated with Monitoring Occupational Exposure to
Radiation from Licensed and Unlicensed Radiation Sources
2022: Gulf Coast Energy Outlook 2023 Kickoff Webinar
2022: Louisiana Energy Climate Solutions Workshop
2021: Gulf Coast Energy Outlook 2022 Kickoff Webinar

2020: Gulf Coast Energy Outlook 2021 Kickoff Webinar
2019: Louisiana Geological Survey Coastal Symposium
2019: Louisiana Oil and Gas Symposium
2019: 13th Annual Louisiana Water Conference
2018: Gulf Coast Energy Outlook Kickoff Event
2018: The Baton Rouge Flood of 2016
2018: Louisiana Coastal Geology Symposium
2016: Louisiana Combined Heat and Power Stakeholder Forum
2012: Gulf States Energy Retreat
2009: Can Louisiana Make A Buck After Climate Change Legislation?
2007: History of the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry in Southern Louisiana
2006: Rebuilding Utility Infrastructure
2003: Natural Gas Conference

Alternative Energy

2011: Clean Fuels & Green Jobs Forum and Louisiana Clean Energy Expo
2010: Greening an Enterprise Economy and Clean Fuels Symposium and Louisiana Clean Energy Expo
2009: Sustainable Development in a Challenging Economy
2008: Overcoming Challenges to Development
2007: Seizing Opportunity in an Expanding Energy Marketplace
2006: Diversifying Risk in a Challenging Environment
2005: The Future of Louisiana's Energy Industry?