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Energy, Coast & Environment Bldg.

About the Energy, Coast & Environment Building

Designed with the University's original plan and architectural style in mind, the Energy, Coast & Environment Building features several design elements consistent with other structures on the LSU campus, including plinth bases, elevated ground floors, a cylindrical rotunda, and the signature feature of LSU's original campus layout—an Italian Renaissance-style tile roof. The circular lobby of the rotunda features an ornately designed terrazzo floor and coffered ceilings.

The Energy, Coast & Environment Building is located at the southwest edge of the LSU campus on South Quad Drive.

Quick Facts

Groundbreaking: December 1999

Ribbon Cutting: October 2003

Size: 150,000 sq. ft.

Total cost: $26,573,910

Funding sources: U.S. Department of Energy, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, State of Louisiana

Occupants: The Center for Energy Studies and the College of the Coast & Environment

Architects: Post/Coleman

Style: Italian Renaissance-style rotunda, other elements to complement campus architecture