History, Mission, & Vision

History of the College of Human Sciences & Education


Peabody Hall, established 1926

During the 2010-2011 fiscal year, the University focused discussions on ways to combine units while capitalizing on shared resources and expertise with the long-range goal of saving money through greater efficiencies. One of the primary objectives was to align units with similar programmatic missions. In August 2011, then Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost John Maxwell Hamilton, Vice-Provost Jane Cassidy and Interim Dean Laura F. Lindsay hosted a series of more than sixty conversations with deans, directors, department chairs, faculty, staff , and advisory board members of selected colleges and schools to gather information and feedback on the suggested realignments. As the result of these conversations, LSU’s administration proposed to the LSU Board of Supervisors and the Louisiana Board of Regents a high-profile college that would have a major impact on the quality of life of the citizens of Louisiana in the areas of education, mental health, health and wellness, and social and human sciences. The LSU Board of Supervisors approved the new college, the LSU College of Human Sciences & Education, on December 9, 2011 with the Board of Regents granting approval in February 2012. The new College became official on July 1, 2012 under the leadership of founding Dean Laura F. Lindsay.

The College of Human Sciences & Education enrolls students from six weeks old to career with a pre-college division composed of laboratory schools pre-k through high school, undergraduate through doctoral offerings, and post-graduate certificates and training. The College houses six vibrant schools in a parallel structure: The School of Education (SOE), The School of Leadership and Human Resource Development (SLHRD), The School of Kinesiology (SOK), The School of Library and Information Science (SLIS), The School of Social Work (SSW), and the University Laboratory School (ULS). Each is headed by a director who reports to the dean of the College of Human Sciences & Education. In addition, the University Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool (ECELP), part of the School of Education, provides educational enrichment opportunities for children throughout the year.

The College offers 8 undergraduate degree programs, 19 graduate degree programs, and 13 online graduate degree or certificate programs.

CHSE also encompasses 4 Centers and Institutes: Early Childhood Education Institute (ECEI), Healthy Aging Research Center (HARC), Leadership Development Institute (LDI), and Social Research & Evaluation Center (SREC).

Our Mission

The College of Human Sciences & Education enhances quality of life across the lifespan by actively engaging in research, teaching, professional service, and global engagement that enables individuals and communities to achieve their full potential.

Our Vision

By 2025, the College of Human Sciences & Education will be recognized by leading organizations in the professions for

  • Its local, national, and international contributions to knowledge, policy, and practice by research and published scholarship
  • Preparing diverse, expert, engaged, and ethically grounded professionals; and
  • Empowering individuals and organizations through development, stewardship, and collaborative community partnerships to improve quality of life throughout the lifespan