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Our Students Change Lives

For the College of Human Sciences & Education, every interaction is a chance to make an impact. We are not side-line sitters; we are change-makers, heart-changers, and we leave an imprint - one that alters the landscape, challenges minds, forges new futures, and reimagines the status quo.

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Each of the Human Sciences & Education curricula ensures that students master the core concepts and fine-tune their expertise.


Students walking to class through the quad on the first day of the fall semester.



Enhance your skill set, explore different interests, and make yourself more versatile. Adding a minor in another area can give you the flexibility to pursue multiple career paths or earn credits that may apply to a graduate degree.


Online Degrees

Earn a degree from the same faculty teaching the on-campus courses from anywhere in the world. When you graduate, your diploma is the same LSU diploma our on-campus students receive.