Photo of John Nauright

John Nauright 

Karen Wax Schmitt & Family Endowed Professor

Bachelor's Degree(s): University of South Carolina

Master's Degree: University of South Carolina

PhD: Queen's University in Canada

Phone: 225 578-5831


Office: 1250 Huey P. Long Field House


Dr. Nauright is the Director of the School of Kinesiology and Karen Wax Schmitt and Family Endowed Professor. He has thirty years of experience in academic writing, teaching, and publishing, with a PhD from Queen's University in Canada and BA and MA degrees from the University of South Carolina. Nauright lived and worked in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Scotland, South Africa and the USA. He was born in Louisiana and is a dual US/Australian citizen.

Nauright has extensive expertise in international sport management, having held visiting professorships and honorary positions at several universities in Europe, Africa, and Asia. He has co-authored and edited 26 books, over 130 articles, and book chapters. His mission is to advance the knowledge, practice, and impact of sport as a tool for social change, well-being, and development and as a part of new economic thinking centered on integral ecology. Nauright’s current work focuses on the incredible expansion of interest in women’s elite team sports internationally, among other challenges in the sports world.

Awards & Honors

2024-: Karen Wax Schmitt and Family Endowed Professorship in the College of Human Sciences & Education, Louisiana State University.

2019-: Inaugural Academic Board Member, World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage.

2018: International Network of Doping Research Fellow awarded based on research contributions to the field.

2015: Best Authored Book Prize, Inaugural World in Union Book Awards presented by the World Rugby Museum for Rugby and the South African Nation.

2015: Best Edited Book Prize, Inaugural World in Union Book Awards presented by the World Rugby Museum for Making Men: Rugby and Masculine Identity.

2015: European Higher Education Sport Tourism Institution of the Year, Inaugural Shannon Group European Sport Tourism Awards.

2013: Burris F. Husman Memorial Scholar, University of Maryland.

2013: Awarded “Best of Reference” Work of 2012 — Library Journal for Sport Around the World: History, Culture and Practice

2010-11: Inaugural Fellow, Mason Horizons Faculty Leadership Program, George Mason University.

2001: Ramsey Memorial Scholar, University of Georgia.

Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

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