Priscilla Allen

Priscilla D. Allen, PhD, LMSW

Louisiana Nursing Home Association Sister Michael Sibille Professor in Aging and Geriatrics
Executive Associate Director, Life Course and Aging Center 

Office: 2159 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225- 578-1325


PhD, Social Work, Fordham University, 2001

MSW, Social Work, University of Connecticut School of Social Work, 1994
Certificate in Gerontology, University of Connecticut
BA, Sociology, Keene State College, 1990

Brief Biography

Priscilla “Lilly” Allen is a Professor at Louisiana State University School of Social Work. She also serves as the Associate Director of LSU's Life Course and Aging Center and Associate Editor of The Journal of Comparative Social Welfare. Allen earned a PhD from Fordham University, an MSW from the University of Connecticut, and a BA in Sociology from Keene State College. She formerly worked as a long term care ombudsman advocating for the rights and care of 3,400 nursing home residents in Southwestern Connecticut. She has also worked in the nursing home industry as a social worker as well as serving as a town social worker in rural Connecticut. Lilly currently serves as a board member of Louisiana Enhancing Aging Through Dignity Empowerment and Respect (LEADER), Louisiana’s first nursing home culture change coalition. Dr. Allen’s research interests are in long-term care, healthy aging, policy issues and aging, and ageism.

Selected Publications

Allen, P. D. & Pardasani, M.  (In Press). Health care and work with older adults and their caregivers. In J. Heyman & E. Congress (Eds). Health and Social Work: Practice, Policy, and Research.

Allen, P. D. (2016). Female Labor Force Participation Rates: Trends from the United States. Asian Productivity Organization. Tokyo, Japan.

Allen, P. D. & D’Elia, C. F. (2015). What Lies Beneath: the BP Oil Spill and the Need for New Response Models. Current Psychology DOI: 10.1007/s12144-015-9351-9

Cherry, K. E., Allen, P. D., Denver, J. Y., & Holland, K. (2015). Contributions of Social Desirability to Self-Reported Ageism. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 1-22. DOI: 10.1177/0733464813484984

Allen, P. D. (2014). Nursing home culture change and social work practice. Journal of Contemporary Medical Education, 2(1), 48-56. DOI: 10.5455/jcme.20140216022733

Klein, W. C. & Allen, P. D. Alcohol misuse prevention during older adulthood. (2014). (2nd Ed). In T. P. Gullotta and M. Bloom (Eds). Encyclopedia of Primary Prevention and Health Promotion. (pp. 1182-1191). New York, NY: Springer. 

Simons, K., Connolly, R. P., Bonifas, R., Allen, P. D., Bailey, K., Downes, D., Galambos, C. (2012). Psychosocial assessment of nursing home residents via MDS 3.0: Recommendations for social service training, staffing, and roles in interdisciplinary care. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association (13), 190e9-190e15.

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Cherry, K.E., Allen, P.D., Jackson, E.M., Hawley, K.S., & Brigman, S. (2010).   Knowledge of memory aging in college students, social workers and health care professionals.  Educational Gerontology, 36(4), 281-297.

Cherry, K.E., Allen, P.D., & Galea, S. (2010).  Older adults and natural disasters:  Lessons learned from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (pp. 115-130).  In P. Dass-Brailsford (Ed.), Crisis and Disaster Counseling:  Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina and other Disasters. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 

Selected Presentations

Allen, P. D. (November, 2010). The Social Work Workforce in Nursing Homes: Settings, Roles, Responsibilities and Satisfaction. Symposium Discussant with: Gammonley, D., Galambos, C., Simons, K., Bailey, K. Bonifas, R., Bern-Klug, M. 63rd Annual Gerontological Society of America Conference. New Orleans, LA.

Allen, P. D. (November, 2010). Specialized Gerontology Curriculum: Preparing Social Workers for Advanced Practice. Symposium with: Hooyman, N., Zvi, G., Pierce, L., & Tebb, S. 63rd Annual Gerontological Society of America Conference. New Orleans, LA.

Allen, P. D. Opportunities to infuse aging curriculum into practice. The LSU Gero-Education certificate program (October, 2010). Council on Social Work Education 56th  APM. Portland, OR.

Allen, P. D. (May, 2010). Productive Aging in the United States key indicators of well-being applied to key indicators of productivity. Asian Productivity Final Research Consortium. Seoul, Korea.

Allen, P. D. (December, 2009). Older Women in the Workforce: A View from the United States. Asian Productivity Research Organization Study Meeting, Seoul, Korea.

Allen, P. D. (November, 2009). Nursing Home Culture Change: Putting Promise Into Practice. LA Nursing Home Culture Change Study, Symposium with: Bern-Klug, Levy-Storms; Takahashi; Bonifas; Zimmerman; Kane;Cutler. 62nd Gerontological Society of America Conference. Atlanta, GA.

Allen, P. D. (September, 2009). U.S. workforce and aging issues. Asian Productivity Research Organization Study Meeting, Seoul, Korea

Deaton, L.; Allen, P. D. (August, 2009). Excelling at Surveys while instituting Culture Change: Exploring Myths and Misperceptions. Pioneer Network Conference. Little Rock, AR.

Selected Grants/Funded Projects

Allen, P. D. (2009-2011). CSWE Gerontological Education Grant (funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation) Specialized Curriculum Development Grant. Certificate in Gerontology Program. $10,000.