German for Engineers

Graphic showing class progression and experiencesThe goal of the undergraduate minor, “German for Engineers,” is to translate LSU’s mission of educating global leaders for tomorrow into a concrete program whose graduates excel in technical knowledge and engineering expertise and combine this with international experience, communicative competence, cultural literacy, and foreign language skills in German.

The program offers an additional way in which LSU can use its extensive resources to solve economic, environmental, and social challenges. It responds to a demand for globally-oriented, highly-skilled employees who are able to cooperate with business partners, clients, or suppliers world-wide. It challenges undergraduate students in engineering to achieve the highest levels of intellectual and personal development by not only developing a high-level of expertise in their chosen field but also in their intercultural and communicative competencies.

Students enrolled in this program:

  • Become familiar with business language and conventions in German-speaking countries;
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of engineering-related workplace routines and workplace cultures in German-speaking regions, mainly Germany, Austria, and Switzerland;
  • Learn to navigate cultural differences and can act as cultural mediators with business partners, colleagues, clients from or in German-speaking countries;
  • Become competent in conforming to conventions for written communications in German, especially those related to job searches and job applications; and
  • Develop a globally-oriented outlook on their studies, their work, and their future participation in economic and technological developments.

You can view the Degree Program curriculum here.