Graduate Academic Areas 

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Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering encompasses the topics of digital circuits, computer architecture, digital subsystems, interfacing, parallel algorithms and architectures, computer networks, distributed processing, digital communications, and applications of computers.

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Device oriented electronics deals with the question of how the physical construction, both material and geometry, of a device influence its performance in a circuit. Interested students may enter the program with a BS in engineering or other science discipline such as physics or chemistry.

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This program prepares the students for the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly developing field of Electric Power Engineering and Power Electronics.

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Communications and Signal Processing

Systems Engineering encompasses the disciplines of communications, signal processing and automatic control. Course offerings cover both the modern theory and contemporary applications to prototype systems. Programs in this study area provide abroad foundation for work in communication networks, digital signal processing, robust control and identification, system optimization and stability, signal detection, computer based process control, neural networks, array processing, coding and cryptography.