Graphics & Visual Computing Laboratory

Shane Li

Three-dimensional computer graphics, vision, and visualization research.

Room B26 Johnston Hall

Lab Highlights

  • 3D Computer Graphics Techniques for Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing/Engineering.
  • Computational Forensics (collaborated with forensic anthropologists and specialists in LSU FACES Lab).
  • Computational Biomedicine and Medical Imaging (collaborated with medical physicists in UT Southwestern Medical School).
  • Supported by NSF, Louisiana Board of Regents, IBM, NVIDIA.

Graphics and Visual Computing (GVC) laboratory, led by Dr. Xin Li, focuses on 3D computer graphics, vision, and visualization research. We study 3D geometric modeling techniques and apply them into visual data processing/analyzing/understanding. Current projects include digital forensic skull modeling and craniofacial reconstruction, medical image analysis and understanding, virtual world reconstruction from robotic visions, high quality finite element mesh generation, 3D shape matching, comparison and retrieval.