Nanoscale Circuit Design & Integration Research Laboratory

Ashok Srivastaa

Facilities for research on nanoelectronics / nanoengineering for emerging logic devices based on non-classical devices, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene. There are also facilities for development of wireless embedded sensors for wireless sensor networks.

Room 150L EE Building

Lab Highlights

  • Funded by NSF, LASpace, US Air Force, Textronix, and the Louisiana Board of Regents.

This laboratory which is integrated with the Mixed-Signal VLSI Design Laboratory focuses on conducting research in Nanoelectronics/Nanoengineering for emerging logic devices based on non-classical devices. The key research objectives are on developing innovative circuit design and integration technologies using nanostructured materials such as the carbon nanotubes and graphene for next generation integrated circuits and systems. The laboratory is also used for designing wireless embedded sensors for wireless sensor networks for varied applications.

The research laboratories have been developed with grant support from Tektronix Foundation Board, Louisiana Board of Regents, National Science Foundation, NSF-EPSCoR, LASpace (NASA-EPSCoR) and the United States Air Force. The research laboratories have graduated 6 PhDs and 38 MS in Electrical Engineering since 1990. The graduates are employed across the globe both in industries and academia. The current research in VLSI Design/Nanoelectronics is supported by NSF-EPSCoR and DoD Research Laboratory.