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Future Students


For more than 100 years, the LSU College of Engineering has developed students into professionals who transform ideas into reality, solve society’s problems, and improve the quality of life—and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Our long history of producing hard-working graduates who change the world around them continues with you.

LSU Engineers, Construction Managers, and Computer Scientists are skilled communicators and hands-on problem solvers. They make both great leaders and teammates. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen understanding of national and global issues. Our graduates are determined to succeed and are prepared to become future industry leaders.

And that’s where you come in. You turn code into apps, parts into machines, and people into cyborgs (okay not yet, but we’ll get there one day). The bottom line is the world was built on big ideas, and engineers are the ones who build the world. So, if you like seeing a thought to fulfillment, turning nothing much into something great, something useful, something transformative—the LSU College of Engineering is the place for you.


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