IE Online Programs

The programs listed below are offered through LSU Online. Please visit the LSU Online website for more information.

Masters Programs

MSIE online

The IE program in the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering offers a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering (MSIE) online. MSIE program focus on developing skills to tackle immediate challenges across multiple industries and provide a basis for graduates to advance professionally. While building wide knowledge of industrial engineering, students can focus on several areas including Ergonomics and Human Factors, Healthcare, Supply Chain Systems, and Information Technology Engineering. Graduates have the ability to identify, design, and execute industrial engineering projects and research, and they pursue careers in academia, research, industry, and government.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Our Lady of the Lake Scholarship

The IE Graduate Certificate Programs will prepare students with a foundation knowledge and skills to address the complex healthcare problems that contribute to the staggering cost increases experienced yearly. This certificate will integrate industrial engineering concepts into the healthcare environment so professionals will be prepared to address healthcare effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness, safety and quality.

GC Healthcare Analytics (HA) – this certificate was designed for engineers, information technology and healthcare professionals looking to learn research and analytical skills to collect, organize, and visualize data in order to change the healthcare landscape. Using data analytics in a healthcare setting can improve patient outcomes, lower costs, improve the quality of care, enhance health delivery system performance, and optimize business operations

GC Healthcare Systems Engineering (HSE) – this certificate was designed for engineers, managers and healthcare professionals looking to learn fundamental skills in industrial and systems engineering and a background in healthcare delivery systems and processes. Using industrial and system engineering concepts students will be equipped to spearhead cutting-edge change initiatives needed to lead health care organizations into the future.