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Study Abroad for LSU Degree Credits

Experience global learning like never before. With LSU's study abroad programs, you can live and learn at one of over 100 global destinations while earning credit toward your LSU degree. Study abroad immerses you in an unforgettable experience, reveals how your education connects your community to the world, and develops the skills that help you stand out in a global job market

Whether you want to travel for a week, a summer, or a full semester or year, we've got a program for you. 

This page provides information for current LSU students who want to travel to study. Please click here to be redirected if you want to earn LSU credit through a remote learning program, or if you want to travel to LSU for an exchange or degree program


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Available Programs

Our study abroad programs fall into two main categories: LSU faculty-led and semester programs. Learn about their unique benefits below.


LSU Faculty-Led Programs

LSU faculty-led programs are directed by LSU professors and designed specifically for LSU students. You'll travel together with fellow Tigers to participate in a global learning experience tailored to your degree program. These programs are usually short-term, from a week to a summer. 

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Semester Programs

Semester programs allow you to enroll in other universities — both in the US and around the world — to make new connections outside the LSU community, and to be fully immersed in another university's world. These programs are longer, for one or more semesters, up to a full academic year. 




Is Study Abroad Right for Me?

If you're ready for hands-on global learning and a new personal challenge, study abroad may be right for you. LSU offers a wide range of programs, allowing you to tailor your plans to meet your academic, personal, and professional goals. Resources are also available to help you fund your program and prepare for traveling or living in a new culture. Check out our resources, or set up an appointment with our ambassadors, at the links below. Our ambassadors are LSU students who have studied abroad and can give you firsthand information about their experiences so that you can be confident in your decision. 



Leveraging Your Experience


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When you return from your study abroad program, our team is here to help you leverage the skills and experience you gained.

Contact our study abroad team to learn more about . . .

  • Highlighting your experience on your resume
  • Helping others engage with study abroad experiences
  • Connecting with LSU's international network
  • Becoming a peer ambassador

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If you have any questions about studying abroad, feel free to contact us via phone or email or to visit us in our main office.