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We connect leadership expertise with practitioners in every field.  The LSU Leadership Development Institute - or  LDI - is a Board of Regents approved institute within the College of Human Sciences & Education, the academic hub of leadership development and education for Louisiana State University, the flagship institution in the state of Louisiana.

By partnering with our college academic units and departments, LDI is uniquely positioned to provide sustainable solutions backed by cutting-edge research and  evidence-based practices. 

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Developing Leaders for Quality of Life Across the Lifespan


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We develop student leaders for today's challenges.


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Leadership enables people to work on a shared objective.


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True leaders can mobilize peers to want to embrace difficult paths to achieve goals.


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Leadership is creative, individualized, and innovative.



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True Leadership

Leadership is the art of mobilizing a group of people who want to work toward a common goal.

We increase the capacity of each individual to lead. 

Kouzes and Pozner, 2003.






LDI develops leaders for organizational success

Leadership development is now rated as the highest priority for human capital development in organizations. Leadership development affects all levels of an organization. Those who focus on building leadership capacity in their workforce outperform peers by up to 13 times in key bottom-line outcomes (Boatman et al, 2012).

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LDI develops leaders for social impact

LDI cultivates talent that moves organizations forward by focusing on the individual’s personal leadership practices inventory. Through assessment and coaching specific to each person, the LDI develops the behaviors, skills, and competencies necessary for each person to move his or her own needle of leadership effectiveness.

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