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Chemical Engineering

You want to create new products (like paper, plastics, tires, concrete, and fuels) and/or chemical processes (reactions and separations) by combining the principles of chemistry, physics, and biology with the engineering design process.

About Chemical Engineering

By applying the fundamentals of their discipline (reactions and separations), chemical engineers design, install, and complete the processes for efficient production of materials, as well as tailor the properties of materials for specific applications. With these skills, chemical engineers may help make microprocessors for Apple, controllers for Ford, and laundry detergent pods for Proctor & Gamble. Graduates may work in the petrochemical industry/plants, research and development, or go on to graduate school or medical school.

Sample Course Plan

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Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Material and Energy Balances Momentum Transfer Unit Operations Design
General Chemistry I Numerical Methods and Programming Reaction Engineering Unit Operations Design Lab
General Chemistry II Thermodynamics Heat and Mass Transfer Process Dynamics (Controls)
General Chemistry Lab Organic Chemistry I Measurements Lab (Junior Lab) Process Design (Plant Design)
Physics I: Particle Mechanics Physics III: Fields: Gravity, Electricity, and Magnetism Intro to Design and Process Safety Concentration Elective
Biology for Science Majors Differential Equations Heterogeneous Equilibrium Concentration Elective
Calculus I Calculus III Concentration Elective Concentration Elective
Calculus II General Ed: Humanities Materials of Engineering General Ed: Arts
General Ed: English Comp I General Ed: English Comp II Physical Chemistry II General Ed: Humanities
General Ed: Humanities Economics Organic Chemistry II General Ed: Social Sciences
    Organic Chemistry Lab  


Program Requirements

Once you're an LSU student, you'll need to meet the requirements below to continue pursuing this major.

  • 24 hours of credit in 1000-level courses or higher
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • grade of “C” or better in MATH 1550

Senior College

College of Engineering


B.S.Ch.E., Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Course Load by Subject Area

  • Math:  High Intensity
  • Science:  Medium Intensity
  • Electives:  Low Intensity
  • Lab Hours or Field Work:  Low Intensity
  • Technology:  Low Intensity
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