Provost's Fund: Equipment Repair                    

The repair and maintenance of research related equipment is paramount to an efficient and active research community. The LSU Provost’s Fund for Innovation in Research, in collaboration with the Office of Research & Economic Development Council on Research, provides funds to repair equipment used for the purposes of research, scholarship and creativity. This program will match department or college funds to repair equipment with an original acquisition cost of over $5,000 and that is deemed critical to research productivity. Applications with departmental or college matching at or above 1:1 will be prioritized. The award minimum is $1,000,

Please note: This program cannot be used for repairs to computers or laptops. Service contract requests will not be accepted. Funding requests will be accepted until program funds are depleted.


All tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply. Individuals may only receive funding once per fiscal year.

Application & Guidelines

All requests must be submitted using the LSU Internal Grants & Competitions Portal. Each request should include the following information: 

  • description of equipment 
  • description of the repair needed 
  • description of current and future usage of the equipment 
  • a list of the faculty, students and other researchers actively using the equipment 
  • a list of the funded projects associated with the equipment 
  • potential external funding or creative opportunities related to the equipment 
  • age of the equipment and anticipated remaining useful life 
  • acquisition cost of the equipment
  • A vendor quote/estimated cost of repairs.
  • A signed commitment letter/email from the relevant department chair(s) or dean(s) demonstrating a matching commitment. Applications with 1:1 (or greater) match will be prioritized.
  • If the machinery is attached to a University Service Center please note this and include an average annual revenue attributed to this piece of equipment. 

All funds must be expended by June 30, 2024.