Office of Research Advancement

The Office of Research & Economic Development (ORED) is committed to nurturing and supporting high-impact, large-scale, interdisciplinary, and strategic research and instruction programs at LSU. Through the Office of Research Advancement (ORA), we provide comprehensive support for the development and submission of major grant and strategic proposals. Specifically, ORA supports proposal development for multidisciplinary and strategic programs, facilitates research collaboration with local, national, and international partners, and promote research initiatives within the strategic research areas of the university.


ORA's mission is to support implementation of the ORED Strategic Plan through a variety of proactive and capacity-building activities designed to attract extramural research funding and increase institutional competitiveness.

  • Support strategic planning to develop and nurture critical multidisciplinary initiatives such as research centers, institutes, and other programs throughout the institutional research enterprise
  • Initiate and nurture key partnerships and alliances among faculty, between institutions, and with external not-for-profit and for-profit stakeholders
  • Facilitate research events such as targeted workshops and training sessions on competitive sponsor programs and other proposal resources
  • Manage ORED-initiated intramural research programs and the limited submission process to external funding agencies
  • Arrange internal and/or external merit reviews of proposals and pre-proposals
  • Identify opportunities and external funding sources that align with institutional priorities and faculty research strengths that have the potential to add visibility or impact to the university.


To request support from ORA, complete the online Proposal Development Request Form. Requests will be evaluated by ORED senior leadership with consideration of time needed for proposal development and assistance, qualifications of the PI, proposal scale, long-term benefits of the proposal to the university, and distribution of ORED support across the campus.