What We Do


Fierce for Student Success

Our job is to ensure that the 153 hours you spend outside the classroom are designed to help you be more successful during the time you're inside the classroom. Whether at Move-in, Goat Yoga, Sorority Recruitment, or Career Expo, our team works all day, every day, to make your LSU experience unforgettable. 

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • We are committed to providing high-quality programs, services, events, and experiences. And we want to be sure they're even better next year. 
  • We're so glad you're at LSU, and we hope that shows up in everything we do. If we're not hitting the mark, let us know. 
  • Our job is to serve all LSU students, regardless of where you're from, whether your parents attended college, or how you're paying for your LSU experience. If you experience barriers, we'll work with you to address them. 

Our Work In Action

Suit Up Grants fund professional attire

Past Suit Up Grant recipient, Calli Nguyen '22 The Suit Up Grant provides students in need with $200 grants to shop for professional attire, giving them the confidence they need to interview and become leaders in the workforce.
student in a suit