The Reveille

The Reveille produces weekly newspapers and daily online content that covers news, sports and entertainment at LSU. The Reveille employs approximately 70 LSU students each semester who work as news, sports and entertainment reporters, columnists, copy editors, designers and photographers. In 2017, with a focus on both print and online publishing, the Reveille online content drew almost 750,000 unique users.

Find The Reveille online at, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and in print on racks located across campus and various locations around Baton Rouge including Pennington Biomedical Research Center and EBRP Libraries.

History of The Daily Reveille

The earliest known issue of The Reveille was published at Louisiana State University in 1887. The newspaper became a permanent part of campus on Jan. 14, 1897. In 1934, The Reveille earned national journalistic recognition after then-Sen. Huey Long had seven staff members expelled for reporting on something he believed should not belong in "his" newspaper. The students now are commonly refered to as The Reveille Seven and include Carl McArn Corbin, Samual A. Montague, Stanley D. Shlosman, Cal Joseph Abraham, Jesse H. Cutrer Jr., L. Rea Godbold and David R. McGuire Jr.

The publication became The Daily Reveille in 1938, only to be forced back to semiweekly status during the Second World War. It resumed daily publication again in 1947 but dropped back to four issues a week in 1951 when the Korean War caused LSU enrollment to slump to just over 5,000 students. The Daily Reveille returned to five-day-a-week publication in 2002. In 2017, The Reveille became a weekly print publication with content posted online daily at