Undergraduate Research 

Students will participate in hands-on research experience under the guidance of some of the most accomplished faculty in the United States and produce an end product of their work in the form of a conference presentation, publication submission, patent application or other practical product of their work.

Summer Research Internship

The summer research internship includes a $2800 Stipend and $2,000 toward on-campus housing. 

Students are required to:

  • Students spend 40 hours per week on their research project. 
  • Attend workshops that enhance research knowledge, inform them of other research funding resources, and education them on the graduate school application process.
  • Students may not work an additional job and are only allowed to take one summer course.


Documentation of research activities will be provided in the form of weekly research reports, regular follow up on the final outcome project, and a final product of research approved by a research mentor

The final product of research will be submitting a written thesis and presenting the project at a conference. Additionally, students are expected to submit their project to the LSU Discover Distinguished Undergraduate Research Program and/or the LSU Honors College

Research in the Fall and Spring

The McNair Program does not fund students for Fall and/or Spring research. However, there are many resources for research funding. The McNair Program will assist students in finding sources of funding to continue their research, including Federal Work Study and Research Grants. In many cases, students have the option to receive course credit for unpaid research.