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Upward Bound participants enroll in college right after high school

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LSU Upward Bound Program

Considering college opportunities? Enjoy traveling? 

LSU's Upward Bound program stands ready to provide eligible 9th–12th graders with the essential support and resources they need to navigate the path to higher education. Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Career exploration
  • College preparation workshops
  • Cultural enrichment experiences
  • Complimentary tutoring
  • Personalized one-on-one mentorship
  • Participation incentives
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Serving East Baton Rouge and Terrebonne Parish students

These programs include the following key parts:

Academic Year Saturday Academy

Join our program and attend 24 Saturday sessions at LSU during the school year. These sessions offer extra learning, workshops, teamwork, tutoring, counseling, mentoring, campus visits, assessments, and more.

Six-Week Summer Program

Upward Bound students in grades 9–11 spend six weeks each summer at LSU’s campus. This includes five weeks of classes to prepare for the next school year and interactive learning activities on and off-campus. There are field trips, campus tours, and cultural experiences. Along with instruction and test prep, students get mentoring, academic advice, help with scholarships, guidance for college readiness, and support for transitioning to college.

In the program’s sixth week, students enjoy a rewarding cultural and educational experience, which may include an out-of-state trip for those who show progress and active involvement.

Summer Bridge

The Summer Bridge program lets high school seniors earn college credit. If you’re an eligible Upward Bound student, you can apply for LSU’s summer program scholarships. Summer Bridge participants get strong support to earn their first six college credit hours, which includes tutoring, mentoring, academic advice, and access to financial guidance during the program.

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