LA Dependent Tuition Exemption

This state benefit provides educational assistance to surviving spouses of deceased or disabled war veterans. The benefit also includes children of veterans with at least a 90% service-disabled rating and children of war veterans who have a 100% disability rating due to individual un-employability.

The benefit provides students with exemption of tuition and select fees. It is good for four years of schooling to be completed in not more than five years, or until the student reaches the age of twenty-five. There is no age limit for a surviving spouse. Student utilizing this benefit must attend on a full-time basis.

To apply for Title 29 contact your local Parish Veterans Service Office. For additional information you may also visit the LDVA website.

Eligible students will receive a Fee Exemption Certificate from the Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs. You must submit the original certificate to our office to receive the exemption.